Why Pulsely

Find out how whats makes Pulsely D&I strategy effective.

Scientific framework


Workplace inclusion: perceptions

How do employees rate the inclusion climate, their career experiences, and psychological safety?


Inclusion competencies: behaviours

How do employee beliefs and attitudes affect their ability to work inclusively? Do they buy into the intrinsic value of diversity in the workplace?


Performance indicators: business impact

How does inclusion impact your business outcomes of engagement, retention, and innovation?


Diversity: who and where

Using an intersectional approach, how do your results vary by level and demographic?

Diversity & Inclusion Scientific Framework

Data acquisition engines

Learn how we measure D&I in your company. Pulsely's data acquisition system is generally focused on the improvement in accuracy of measurements.

About our engines
Diversity & Inclusion Data acquisition engines

Data analysis algorithms

Get actionable insights with our sophisticated algorithms

Actionable insights are surfaced by algorithms that analyse your workforce through the lens of inclusion and compare results across a range of diversity dimensions and areas of the business.

About the algorithms
Diversity & Inclusion Data analysis algorithms

Best practices library

Trying to “boil the ocean” with too many D&I actions dilutes your efforts, minimises impact, and leads to diversity fatigue. Pulsely offers a vast Library of D&I Best Practices.

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Diversity & Inclusion Best Practices Library

Implementation support

Pulsely offers a detailed implementation guide as well as templates you will need during the whole running process.

Know the Steps!
Diversity & Inclusion Implementation Steps