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We're helping improve workplace inclusion for more than 350,000 employees worldwide.

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Diversity & Inclusion Scientific Framework

How we work

Pulsely will support you all the way through your diagnostic with our 3-Step Program:


1. Set-up

The first phase includes defining a communication plan, supporting the leadership agenda, addressing GDPR, survey preparation and pre-testing. Pulsely will support you and your team in preparing for the initiative.


2. Data Collection

In the next step, we will collect data through surveys and HRIS integration. Pulsely will provide continuous support to ensure the highest levels of participation.


3. Insights & Recommendations

We’ll provide key insights and actionable recommendations that will lead to increased DEI performance.

What our clients say

Ren Gaffney

General Counsel at Convergent
"The Pulsely platform has been extremely helpful in understanding our team and their needs in a responsible way that protects their confidentiality and ensures data we can rely on to design interventions."

Mike O'Malley

SVP Government & PR at DCLI
"When our company launched its DE&I effort, we knew we needed comprehensive data to help guide our decision-making."

Dr. Linda G. Wiley

CEO at Turning Point Leadership Group
"In my 20+ years in the industry, I have explored several assessments and Pulsely is the one that I felt most closely aligns with the concept of inclusion I believe in."

Megan Donecker

DEI Strategy Officer at Oregon Department of Forestry
"Pulsely did a fantastic job listening to our needs, and walking along side us in our DEI journey. The turn around time on our results were extremely fast and the report was clear, specific, and easy to explain. We feel like we have a better understand of where we are at so we know where we need to go."

Anneke Beerkens

Head of Inclusion and Belonging at Adevinta
"The data as well as the data presentation helped me greatly to pinpoint challenges and opportunities and engage with senior leaders in the business. We've reached a higher level of awareness of the topic."

Fernanda Pires

VP of People and ESG at EDP Brazil
"The whole process was very straightforward and we had their support in communicating and engaging our employees. Pulsely DEI survey has original questions that lead to interesting reflections. The final report highlighted our strengths and weaknesses that allowed us to create an action plan."

Your challenges


Launching a D&I Program

Build a data-driven D&I plan supported by Pulsely's expertise.


Assessing your current D&I status

Gain an understanding of your D&I situation to know where to focus.


Getting leadership involved

Get research-backed data and insights to build a strong D&I case for your organisation.


Tracking D&I metrics

Monitor the progress of your D&I efforts using the right metrics and KPIs.


Identifying training needs

Identify the specific competencies that need to be developed in your organisation.

Diversity & Inclusion Scientific Framework

What insights do you need?



We don’t know who we are in terms of demo-graphic dimensions and what groups are underrepresented.


Inclusion gaps

We need to learn which specific demographic groups are experiencing lower inclusion in our organization.


Employee mindsets

We need to constructively engage individuals  and measure the prevalence of various perspectives.


Equity analysis

We are trying to identify what is causing representation gaps at higher levels.


DEI maturity level

We want to understand how we are doing in terms of DEI processes, policies, structures and systems.

Diversity & Inclusion Scientific Framework

Our people

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Speak with our team

Talk to our team to find the best solution for your current challenges
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"Business leaders are starting to realize that DEI is not a "nice-to-have". These leaders are working with Pulsely to build a data-centric DEI discipline in their organizations, making an impact on employee well-being and business performance."

Pedro do Carmo Costa - CEO & Co-founder

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"Pulsely's approach has proven to constructively engage leaders in the work of DEI by connecting employee data with business performance. By increasing personal commitment at the top, our clients are making meaningful and measurable progress."

Betsy Bagley - DEI Director & Co-founder

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"The most successful DEI leaders are the ones who collect data regularly and who are equipped with easy and visual access to that data. At Pulsely, we are empowering these leaders to collect and analyze DEI data to achieve their goals."

Pedro da Cunha - Head of Product & Co-founder

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