Driving business
performance with actionable
Diversity & Inclusion insights

A technology-driven, unbiased assessment of your people data so you can measure and act meaningfully.

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Data. Insight. Action.

What do we measure?

We know that simply measuring your employees demographics is not enough.
D&I is a complex matter, and we simplify it with four measures to generate your insights: Workplace Inclusion, Inclusion Competencies, Performance Indicators and Diversity

How do we uncover the insights?

We use AI and machine learning to leverage collective knowledge, highlight patterns of inclusion and exclusion, and identify what is getting in the way of meeting your D&I goals.

From insight to impact.

After clarifying your goals and selecting your areas of focus, we help you build a prioritised plan of action using our guided best practices  database.

Quick wins, for the long run

Diversity & Inclusion is not one and done. You don't ever cross the finish line. It is an iterative process of priortising your greatest opportunities for improvement, tracking your progress, and then addressing your next challenges.

Don't get overwhelmed. Don't get lost in data.  Keep your finger on the pulse of the organisation to ensure greater inclusion. Focus on fewer, more impactful solutions and see results.

Talk to our team to find out where to start and how Pulsely can help you achieve your D&I goals.

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“Pulsely is a rigorous way to diagnose our Inclusion challenges and helps us prioritise the specific actions we should take.”

— Diana Neves de Carvalho, CEO at Exago

“We discovered that we had hidden organisation pathologies but also found best practices that helped overturn them.”

— Pedro da Cunha, Director at Atomic Hire

“Pulsely’s platform helped us demonstrate how D&I is impacting our business performance. One that is not based on guessing but in knowing.”

— Xavier Jameson, Managing Director at Tutorean

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