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diversity & inclusion
diversity & inclusion

How we work

Pulsely will support you all the way through your diagnostic with our 3-Step Program:


1. Set-up

The first phase includes defining a communication plan, supporting the leadership agenda, addressing GDPR, survey preparation and pre-testing. Pulsely will support you and your team in preparing for the initiative.


2. Data Collection

In the next step, we will collect data through surveys and HRIS integration. Pulsely will provide continuous support to ensure the highest levels of participation.


3. Insights

Our sophisticated algorithms will identify key insights that will be formated into actionable recommendations in a final report.

Diversity & Inclusion Scientific Framework

What our clients say

Your challenges


Launching a D&I Program

Build a data-driven D&I plan supported by Pulsely's expertise.


Assessing your current D&I status

Gain an understanding of your D&I situation to know where to focus.


Getting leadership involved

Get research-backed data and insights to build a strong D&I case for your organisation.


Tracking D&I metrics

Monitor the progress of your D&I efforts using the right metrics and KPIs.


Identifying training needs

Identify the specific competencies that need to be developed in your organisation.

Diversity & Inclusion Scientific Framework

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