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Make the most of your company’s talent with actionable insights to drive inclusion, equity, and performance.
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diversity & inclusion

Our solutions

Our solutions are framed by a research-backed framework. Pulsely's data capture and analytics algorithms deliver powerful reports and a dashboard where you can monitor your actions and their effects.

Your challenges

You need high-performing teams to address your business challenges.
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CHRO / HR Directors

You need to build greater leadership buy-in for D&I.

Tell a story with your data to gain support for the systems and culture that ensure greater inclusion and equity.  With a clear connection to the business, leaders’ commitment to D&I will be reflected in their messages, actions, and priorities.

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business leaders

Business Leaders

You need high-performing teams to address your business challenges.

Identify focus areas to improve business performance, retain key talent, and build team effectiveness. Celebrate strengths and engage your employees in generating solutions to address hurdles.

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CDO / D&I Managers

You want to build a data-driven strategy but aren't sure where to start.

Moving from data to strategy doesn't need to be overwhelming. Harness the power of technology to collect employee data, identify underlying issues, build a targeted action plan, and monitor your progress toward D&I goals.

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Your goal is to mitigate organisational and reputational risks connected with diversity.

Develop an evidence-based approach to build your ESG strategy. Build the psychological safety that encourages employees to intervene when they observe potential risks with people, safety and ethics.

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What our clients say

Pedro da Cunha

Atomic Hire

We discovered that we had hidden organisation pathologies but also found best practices that helped overturn them.

Diana Neves de Carvalho


Pulsely is a rigorous way to diagnose our Inclusion challenges and helps us prioritise the specific actions we should take.

Xavier Jameson

Managing Director

Pulsely’s platform helped us demonstrate how D&I is impacting our business performance. One that is not based on guessing but in knowing.


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