Driving business performance with actionable diversity and inclusion insights

Achieve your Diversity & Inclusions goals with actionable insights extracted with gamified surveys.

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How it works

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it!

Whether you are lost in data or don’t know where to begin, Pulsely allows you to learn from your employees and provides focus to your D&I plan.

1 - Assess

Collect relevant D&I data beginning with our proven and validated Proprietary Gamified Surveys and combine with your current data via HRIS integrations or a data upload.

2 - Foucs

Pulsely will analyse your D&I data and uncover actionable D&I insights fueled by pattern recognition algorithms. Hold your organisation accountable for progress with KPI dashboard.

3 - Address

To improve your performance, best practices are automatically suggested based on leading academic research and contributions from practitioners like you.


Assess your organisation with

Proprietary Gamified Surveys

Assess your organisation with a full range of science-backed D&I measures with our Proprietary Gamified Surveys to Monitor the pulse of your organisation

  • Unite your workforce toward the common goal of creating a thriving and inclusive company.
  • Engage ALL your employees and increase overall response rates with incentives triggered by a reward upon survey completion.
  • Hold every employee individually accountable for completing their surveys to identify statistically significant, data driven, actionable insights.
  • Enable employees to instantly see the result of the time they invest in the D&I surveys.

Focus and discover D&I Insights with

The Intelligent Analytics Dashboard

Actionable insights are surfaced by algorithms that analyse your workforce through the lens of inclusion and compare results across a range of diversity dimensions and areas of the business.

  • Identify patterns and link insights to engagement and business impact.
  • Pinpoint your areas of focus and the specific metrics you need to monitor.

Address and take strategic action with

The guided best practice library

Trying to “boil the ocean” with D&I actions dilutes your efforts, minimises impact, and leads to diversity fatigue.

  • Prioritise your areas of focus.
  • Set your company’s unique D&I goals.
  • Evaluate the most impactful options for achieving those goals.

Achieve your Diversity & Inclusion goals with actionable insights extracted with gamified surveys.

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