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About Pulsely

We improve business performance through actionable D&I insights.

Diverse teams, inclusively led, drive business performance. Despite this strong motivation and significant efforts, many companies are frustrated with the slow pace of progress.

At the same time, companies are under pressure to ensure diversity in their workforce, leadership teams, and executive boards. This pressure comes from customers, the investment community, potential hires, employees and the public.

Inclusion is more than being respectful and welcoming. It ensures a culture where every employee feels authentic and valued in interpersonal interactions. Inclusion also results from policies and practices that ensure a fair system where no one is advantaged or disadvantaged because of their identity.

The biggest factor getting in the way of progress is data analytics that shed light on the patterns of inclusion and reveal actionable insights.

This is the raison d’être of Pulsely.

‍As experts in D&I, software, technology and innovation, we believe this is a collective effort and have, since our inception, built upon the power of collective intelligence to solve organisation’s most challenging problems. We now offer this power to you.

diversity & inclusion

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