Data analysis algorithms

Actionable insights are surfaced by algorithms that analyse your workforce through the lens of inclusion and compare results across a range of diversity dimensions and areas of the business. 

Diversity & Inclusion Diagnostic

Get actionable insights with our sophisticated algorithms

Identify patterns and link insights to engagement and business impact. Pinpoint your areas of focus and the specific metrics you need to address.

The analysis provides you a clear snapshot of Diversity inside your organisation, what perceptions those diverse elements have around inclusion, what they believe to be an inclusive behaviour and how those feelings and beliefs affect outcomes of engagement, retention and team effectiveness of your organisation.

Pulsely analyses employee feedback relying on Natural Language Processing algorithms and allowing you to understand what employees think your organisation should do to make the workplace more fair and inclusive.  

Clustering algorithms will identify what groups are similar to each other and if any particular demographic aspect is grouping those individuals together, allowing you to have an intersectional  understanding of your organisation's unconscious bias and how to overcome it.

Diversity & Inclusion Diagnostic