Why Pulsely

Scientific framework

Career outcomes should be driven by differences in ability rather than opportunity.  Our framework assesses the key metrics that drive inclusion; we focus on the aspects which are actionable and where there are best practices demonstrated to close gaps.

We combine the power of these four data sets with pattern-recognition algorithms to assess how equitably your employees experience the workplace. Your solutions will be targeted at drivers of inclusion rather than symptoms of exclusion.

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Diversity & Inclusion Scientific Framework

Drivers of inclusion



Using an intersectional approach, how do your results vary by level and demographic? 

D&I Performance Indicators

Performance Indicators

How does inclusion impact your business outcomes of engagement, retention, and team effectiveness?

D&I Workplace

Workplace inclusion: interpersonal experiences

How do employees rate the inclusion climate, their career experiences, and psychological safety?

D&I Competency metrics

Inclusion Competency metrics

How do employee beliefs and attitudes affect their ability to work inclusively? Do they buy into the intrinsic value of diversity in the workplace?