Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the common questions Pulsely clients ask during the course of the project. Prior to emailing your Pulsely Advisor, please consult this list.
The answers here are the most complete explanation. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

What information do I give to the pre-testers?

Can we change the wording of the survey items or the order of the questions?

Can I add customized questions?

Does Pulsely have questions designed to inquire about socioeconomic status, political affiliation, or religion?

How come "Prefer not to say" is not listed as a default choice?

Why is Race/Ethnicity asked this way?

Why are Gender and LGBTQ+ Community asked this way?

Can I add to or change the diversity dimensions, or demographic questions, in the survey? What about the answer options?

What communications should support this program?

How does Pulsely ensure employee participation on surveys?

Can I extend the time that the survey is open? (the standard time is 10 business days)

What kind of companies benefit from Pulsely?
How is Pulsely different from an engagement survey?
How is Pulsely different from other providers?
How are the inclusion and equity scores calculated?
What do we do after receiving the report? What is the best strategy to implement action?
Why do I see fewer demographic categories/segments in the report than the number of options in the survey?
Do you benchmark company data with industry or geographic data?