What kind of companies benefit from Pulsely?

We believe that all companies from all industries benefit from a more inclusive culture. That said, the companies who benefit the most from using Pulsely have executive commitment to DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), dedicated resources, and a willingness to discuss the challenging topic of systemic inequities. Companies from all DEI maturity levels have successfully deployed Pulsely assessments. However, the potential benefit you can achieve with Pulsely is also a function of your current internal state and the nature of the industry you operate in. • Internal D&I state: Keep in mind that most companies want to believe they are doing much better than they actually are - stop guessing and start knowing! Otherwise, it is like hoping to lose weight without ever stepping on a scale. If your company does not have a structured approach to D&I, you  can benefit from a lot of low hanging fruit that becomes evident once you understand your greatest challenges and how to address them. If your company has been at this work for a while but is not seeing much progress, the diversity fatigue can be frustrating. With D&I analytics you will be able to pinpoint your barriers to progress and implement targeted solutions to close those gaps.  • If your company has a more sophisticated approach to D&I and is using people analytics to identify workforce gaps, you can now include Pulsely’s inclusion metrics to diagnose the role inclusion plays in your challenges; the solutions you implement become much more focused and measurable and you can really move the needle!