How does Pulsely ensure employee participation on surveys?

Pulsely’s data collection process and instruments have been carefully designed to generate high levels of participation and completion. Employees often mention that the questions in our Inclusion Survey are fascinating and thought-provoking, as they are not the typical employee engagement questions. Another key differentiator is the support resources we provide to clients for their internal communications. We believe that communication and trust between the employer and the employee strongly influence response rates. We offer a communication plan and templates that include messages from leaders to establish the importance of the project to the organization and to the executive team. These draft messages also reinforce the confidentiality of responses and the organization’s intent to use the results to guide action that will improve the workplace. Our clients regularly name these resources as one of the benefits they most appreciate! Pulsely helps you reinforce the Data-Insight-Action loop so that employees believe their contributions will be valued and acted upon.