What do we do after receiving the report? What is the best strategy to implement action?

Receiving your report may be a bit overwhelming at first. There will be a lot of new information to take in and it is difficult for leaders unfamiliar with inclusion to know how to take action. Best practices for developing an inclusion strategy recommend setting the agenda at the broad organization level first and then cascading that down to the separate parts of the organization (geography, unit, function, etc.).

Initial discussions should focus at the overall organizational level first until the action plan is developed. After that, the individual business unit reports will enable next level leaders to understand why the organization-wide strategy is relevant to them and where additional focus areas may be required. We purposely do not provide separate recommendations for the individual groups because it is important for you to set the organizational direction with a coordinated strategy that can be customized in the separate business units. Otherwise, the risk is that there is a lot of activity going on that does not lead to impact because everyone is approaching it differently.