How is Pulsely different from other providers?

Measuring inclusion is complex. There is no definitive set of metrics to assess an organization’s inclusiveness. Through our expertise in D&I research and consulting, we have built assessments that evaluate underlying systemic challenges that are usually only identified during more time consuming and expensive consulting engagements. We are not an HR company or a survey house building an inclusion module as an add-on. Pulsely is designed from the ground up to gather and analyze your workplace through the lens of diversity and inclusion. The power of Pulsely comes from our data-mining algorithms to find the story in your data. You will receive more than heatmaps of survey answers; you will gain insights on which groups need focused attention, which of their challenges should be prioritized, and how that impacts your business performance. Our analytics platform is developed to efficiently and quantitatively evaluate the drivers of inclusion that lead to retention, engagement, innovation and other positive business outcomes. This assessment allows you to determine which of the many different possible causes are impacting your workplace most significantly so that you can implement solutions that will make a difference. With actionable insights and recommended practices linked to your areas of opportunity, you can focus your efforts and make progress. Our technology-driven approach to diagnostics and measurement allows you to dedicate more of your limited resources to implementing solutions that will accelerate your progress.