What information do I give to the pre-testers?

Here are some Guidelines for the Pre-test (please share them with your pre-testers):

What Pre-testers need to look for?

Confirm the following:

  • The invitation email arrived in your mailbox correctly (not in spam folders);
  • When clicking the “Begin Survey” button, it redirects you automatically to a page to start your survey;
  • All basic functionality should work: ability to navigate the survey, mark answers and submit without issues;
  • All directions should be clear and easy to follow;
  • Identify and report any spelling or grammar mistakes.

What Pre-testers don’t need to worry about?

The wording of the survey statements are part of an extensively tested scientific framework. This guarantees that those questions work well together to measure the mentioned Inclusion Pillars/Competencies. Due to that, the survey items are not customizable and there is no need to give feedback about their wording.  

Important notes on the pre-test:

  • All the Workplace Inclusion and Inclusion Competencies statements (first sections of the survey where the answers options are from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree) will be non-required in the pre-test; this makes it easier to move forward in the survey pages. Rest assured that, in the actual survey, respondents will be required to provide an answer to all survey items (except demographic questions which are legally required to be optional)  in order to move forward.
  • If pre-testers choose to click on answers, we recommend that they respond randomly to each question rather than considering their true response.  Their pre-test answers will not be included in the analysis. It is more important for the pre-testers to reflect and consider the individual survey items when they receive their link to the “real” survey.