The State of DEI 2024

Pulsely and DEI Hub have partnered to uncover the current state of DEI. More than 150 DEI professionals worldwide have responded to the survey, 'The State of DEI 2024,' sharing their knowledge and insights. The results showed 5 main predictions that will reshape DEI in the workplace and redefine the role of DEI leaders. Download the full report linked below to see the full survey results.

Change is coming. How will it impact the State of DEI in 2024?

The biggest change will be in terminology, which will downplay diversity and emphasize inclusion. The oppor tunity for DEI appears greatest in the Finance and Technology sectors. Due to current socio-political factors, DEI practitioners in North America are less optimistic about t he future of DEI than their counterparts in other regions. More experienced practitioners (>6 years) indicate greater budget uncertainty and a belief that a focus on business impact of DEI (such as innovation) is needed.

Prediction #1

Greater DEI progress will occur in the Finance and Technology sectors, and in countries outside of North America.

Prediction #2

Only a quarter of practitioners will see DEI budgets cut.

Prediction #3

Inclusion will dominate the conversation.

Prediction #4

Globally, DEI practitioners are preparing for legal and political challenges. More experienced practitioners fear losing ground on past progress and will double down on positive business impact.

Prediction #5

Practitioners will emphasize the positive benefits of inclusion on talent management (belonging, engagement, retention) as the primary impact on organizations.

The State of DEI 2024

Download the full report to get deeper insights and read all the findings and trends uncovered by over 150 global professionals from six continents who participated in the survey.

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