Transgender people in the workplace - A McKinsey report

This McKinsey report from 2021 highlights the experiences of transgender people at work to help us understand the struggles they face and how to build more inclusive workplaces.

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Transgender people still face stigma and discrimination and the struggles they face are often present also in the workplace. Building more inclusive workplaces for transgender people requires an understanding of the challenges that they face at work and outside of it.

In this report from 2021, McKinsey explores the experiences of transgender people at work in the United States. The main findings include:

  • Transgender adults are twice as likely to be unemployed.
  • Cisgender employees make 32 percent more money a year than transgender employees.
  • More than half of transgender employees say they are not comfortable being out at work.
  • People who identify as transgender find it more difficult to understand workplace culture and benefits, and harder to get promoted.
  • An effort to increase employment and wage equity for transgender people could boost annual consumer spending by $12 billion a year.

Read the full report here.