DEI Diagnostic

Assess the patterns of workplace experiences to identify gaps and how they link to business performance to build a focused DEI strategy.
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Future of Work Implications for Diversity & Inclusion
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Our goal is to help you know where to start

Pulsely's DEI Diagnostic is a mandatory starting point for any organisation committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

We provide data-backed insights on how your organisation is performing on 8 Pillars of Inclusion. Understanding your inclusion strengths is important, but it is more critical to know where your organisation is at-risk of not fully leveraging the potential of certain workforce segments.

Knowing which groups are at-risk and what inclusion gaps they experience is fundamental for defining a robust DEI strategy and action plan. By offering confidential surveys to your employees we can capture data that can unlock important insights on how to improve engagement, innovation, retention, and purpose among your workforce. Our reports will allow you to design very specific and focused DEI interventions.

Diversity & Inclusion Diagnostic

Our diagnostic provides insight using two powerful lenses

We look at Inclusion using an employee perception lens (equity of experience) and an organisational lens (why it matters).

Inclusion is not just a "nice to have" for your employees; it impacts the bottom line. By using these two frames of reference, we are able to learn how different groups may be experiencing the workplace. The benefit is that we also demonstrate how addressing the real issues employees are facing can improve business performance.

Diversity & Inclusion Diagnostic

2 lenses

A deeper understanding on what we measure:

Performance Indicators

External research shows the link between inclusion and business outcomes. An analysis of how inclusion correlates with engagement, innovation and retention will provide you with the data to demonstrate the value of inclusion to your leadership team and the broader organisation.

When leaders have data about the challenges their employees face and how those challenges impact the business, you are able to build your own internal business case for inclusion. This data makes a very compelling case for leaders to invest resources to address the real issues your employees are facing.


Workplace inclusion

We evaluate workplace inclusion through the self-reported perceptions of your employees to assess Pulsely's 8 Pillars of Inclusion. With an intersectional approach to analysis, your data will reveal insights on how different groups may be experiencing the same workplace in very different ways.  

It is not unusual to see variations in workplace experiences among employees. However, when there are variations among demographic groups as a whole, it is important to evaluate where organizational solutions are needed to ensure equity, especially when those differences correlate with lower performance indicators.

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