Future of Work Implications

A workforce diagnostic to ensure your organization is ready for the COVID-era work.

Doing more with less means everyone needs to effectively work together. 

The recent pandemic has forced all organisations to rethink the future or work: it is very likely that changes will endure in the way we work individually and as teams, interact with colleagues and stakeholders, and how leadership is exercised, to name a few.

Understanding how these changes affect your workforce is necessary to design, experiment and evaluate new work formats. The future of work will affect different segments of your workforce in different ways. Having data on the impact during lock-down and the effect of work norms in the near future is critical to organisations that want to sustain (and even increase) the performance of their teams.

Pulsely provides a complete assessment of how different segments of your workforce were affected by the new work norms and anticipate their concerns regarding the future of work scenarios. 

Our assessment provides insight using 3 different lenses.

Pulsely will produce a report highlighting the main insights and point to actionable recommendations that will be a fundamental part of your Future of Work design - one where engagement and performance across your workforce will lead to an even stronger company culture.

Future of Work Implications for Diversity & Inclusion

3 lenses

Performance Indicators

An analysis of how inclusion correlates with engagement, team effectiveness, and retention that will allow you to create your own internal business case for inclusion and address the real issues your employees are facing. On top of our standard performance indicators, Pulsely will also measure how employees experienced COVID work-from-home days and compare it with previous norms allowing you to identify - using different indicators - new opportunities and where focused attention, processes or training is needed to fully leverage all employee segments.

Workplace inclusion

We evaluate workplace inclusion through the self-reported perceptions of your employees to assess organisational climate, career experiences and psychological safety. With an intersectional approach to analysis, your data will reveal insights on how different groups may be experiencing the same workplace in very different ways. Pulsely will also assess mental health, work norms, and response to leadership to evaluate employee concerns and inclusion challenges specific to the pandemic to assure that these are addressed when designing the new workplace.


A “snapshot” of the diversity of your organisation by dimensions such as gender, ethnicity, age, LGBT+, disability and others. We also analyze data combining different dimensions powering the visualisation of intersectional challenges.

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