ESG/Legal Diversity and Equity Assessment

Your D&I legal concerns made simple.

We provide an assessment of your company’s diversity and equity to determine how you can identify and respond to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) legal risks and opportunities. You will receive actionable recommendations on how to reduce risk and increase your ESG leadership.

There are a range of reasons for D&I to move to the top of leaders’ agendas. Measures of inclusion and psychological safety reflect how willing your employees are to speak up and proactively address workplace risks - from ethics to safety to misconduct.

In addition, investors are increasingly incorporating companies’ track records on gender diversity and equity as an indicator of risk exposure. Companies are facing external pressures from institutional investors, activist shareholders, and potential employees and customers to increase the diversity on their corporate boards, in C-suite positions, and across executive leadership. Pay gap reporting requirements are increasing and progress is expected. These pressures can affect how companies worldwide address diversity, inclusion, and the gender gap.

Alternatively, some companies neglect to prioritise D&I until responding to legal action or mitigating legal risks. Many companies (ie. CocaCola, Sodexo, Uber) began their diversity and inclusion work after large, public lawsuits. It is better to get in front of any legal risk and address situations proactively.  Because both egregious behaviours such as harassment, bullying, sexual misconduct, and discrimination as well as unintentional bias and adverse impact are less likely in strong, inclusive workplace cultures, a diagnostic assessment can highlight your risks. 

Our diagnostic tools and technology provide you a clear perspective on how your company is performing in the most important D&I metrics monitored by investors, legal teams, consumers and employees. Our diagnostic will provide not only where the risks, potential liabilities and focus areas are but also highlight where your company is a D&I leader with best practices leading to positive impact.

ESG/Legal Diversity and Equity Assessment

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