D&I Diagnostic

Get the full D&I picture of your company.

We offer a robust assessment of your company’s Diversity status and a thorough understanding of your Inclusion challenges, supported by actionable insights on how to improve them.

Our approach is supported by a research-backed framework and technology-driven data capture and analysis that enable our team to map your Diversity and Inclusion status and point to specific areas where you can focus your efforts to become a leader in D&I.

Our diagnostic includes 4 different aspects of D&I.
Pulsely will produce a report highlighting the main insights in each category and point to actionable recommendations that align with your goals.

Your organisation will be able to implement these recommendations with an action plan to address the focus areas outlined in the report.

Diversity & Inclusion Diagnostic

4 aspects of D&I


A “snapshot” of the diversity of your organisation by dimensions such as gender, ethnicity, age, LGBT+, disability and others. We also analyse data combining different dimensions powering the visualisation of intersectional challenges.

Performance Indicators

An analysis of how inclusion correlates with engagement, team effectiveness, and retention that will allow you to create your own internal business case for inclusion and address the real issues your employees are facing. It will also provide you with the data to demonstrate the value of D&I to your leadership team and the broader organisation. 

Workplace inclusion

We evaluate workplace inclusion through the self-reported perceptions of your employees to assess organisational climate, career experiences and psychological safety. With an intersectional approach to analysis, your data will reveal insights on how different groups may be experiencing the same workplace in very different ways.  

Inclusion Competency metrics

While it is important to address workplace inclusion at the organisational level with a focus on programs, policies, and culture, we also  evaluate how inclusion is driven by day-to-day interactions of individuals.  Assessing the competencies of individual employees provides guidance for your learning and training programming. 

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