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Ensure Accountability: Measure and Monitor

Learn how to measure and monitor DEI progress to ensure greater accountability across your company.

Brief Summary

A great way to ensure accountability for your DEI action plan is to measure and monitor its impact. Specific, time-bound goals and targets help to see if the progress happens. Assigning clear responsibility for the implementation and results of your DEI action plan allows greater accountability; however it is counterproductive to overwhelm these individuals with a plethora of DEI goals - be strategic and specific.

Diversity and inclusion is not just an HR initiative; extend accountability to business leaders. Eventually it should be embedded in the role of every person in your company.


It might take time to see the tangible impact of DEI initiatives and focusing only on the lagging indicators or outcome metrics may be discouraging for some. Even worse, it could incentive the wrong actions in pursuit of “hitting the numbers.” Making real impact requires an understanding of the leading indicators which result in sustainable change. It also requires a shift in mindsets and priorities of the whole organization.


Continuously measure, monitor, and report to build accountability for action and progress.Incorporate process metrics into your tracking system. Process metrics allow to track the implementation of DEI initiatives and actions people take as leading indicators. With this, you can measure the incremental progress of DEI in real time which can be rewarding and motivating for those involved.

Assess your organization with these questions:

  • What are our long term goals (lagging indicators) and what interim actions (leading indicators) will help us to achieve them?
  • What metrics are essential to monitor and who is responsible for collecting that data?
  • What transparency is there for this data? Who will see the reports and when?
  • Who is accountable for progress?
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