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Connect DEI with the Business

Learn how to successfully make business case for DEI in your organisation.

Brief Summary

Studies show that organizations committed to diversity, and where employees feel included, report better business performance in terms of ability to innovate (83% uplift), responsiveness to changing customer needs (31% uplift) and team collaboration (42% uplift). Another six-year study found that more ethnically and culturally diverse businesses are 36% more profitable than the least diverse companies.

Research also shows that 35% of HR leaders say diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are among their main priorities for the year 2023.


Develop a strategy with actions aligned to specific challenge areas.For some leaders, focusing on DEI might seem like a like a distraction or an additional hurdle while trying to reach business goals. It’s essential for leaders to understand why DEI is essential to the business so that they prioritize resources for addressing challenges and to enable the company to benefit from greater diversity and inclusion.


Establish the business context of DEI to ensure its relevance to your leadership team and understand the market context of DEI.

Assess your organization with these questions:

  • Why is DEI important for the organization?
  • Can we build a competitive advantage with DEI?
  • Is there an opportunity cost (risk, reputation, customers, talent) to not addressing our challenges?
  • What makes companies like ours successful at DEI and what are our competitors doing?
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