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Build a Targeted Action Plan

Learn how to use the data collected to build a customized action plan for DEI progress in a company.

Brief Summary

After you collect diversity and inclusion data you can create an evidence-based strategy and measure your progress and success. Developing a DEI strategy is an iterative process that starts with identifying gaps in representation and opportunity, understanding why those gaps exist, implementing interventions to address those issues, measuring progress and holding the organization accountable, and then refining and advancing your strategy.

There is no “one size fits all” strategy.  Your DEI action plan should be built upon diversity and inclusion gaps revealed in your data. Also take into consideration your current DEI maturity level and the specific characteristics of your organization: industry, number of employees, their location, existing HR policies, remote/hybrid work, cultural norms. If you are global or operate in several regions, its okay to have global initiatives, but also make sure to localize your strategies.


The first challenge is when companies build an action plan based on assumptions of what is needed or on challenges other organizations face; this becomes a scattershot approach and limits progress. Additionally, when companies believe that their talent management processes are meritocratic and fair, DEI initiatives, such as programs aiming to provide opportunities to under-represented groups, can come under attack as “reverse discrimination.”  With data that highlight inequities, the action plan is perceived as fair because it aims to level the playing field.


Design interventions built on evidence; use a baseline to set measurable goals that advance DEI practices in your organization. You can consider setting up a DEI Council/Task Force/Committee to steer DEI decisions, strategies and accountability in your organization.

Assess your organization with these questions:

  • What objectives do you want to achieve with DEI in your organization?
  • What metrics demonstrate the challenges to achieving those goals?
  • What targeted interventions are needed to address your challenges and achieve your objectives?
  • Do we have defined goals that are measurable and achievable with these actions?Do we have the structure and support to execute on the strategy?
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Proposed Actions

Foundational Actions

Embedding Actions

Leading Edge

Valued Guidance

To Read

To Watch / Listen

To Learn / Study

Implementation Plan

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