DEI Dashboard
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DEI Dashboard
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Get Diversity and Inclusion Insights with the Pulsely DEI Dashboard

Map diversity and inclusion beliefs across your organization and visualize the gaps to build DEI initiatives that create real impact.

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What do you get?

Live dashboard

See the demographic diversity of your workforce over gender, age, disability, race and job level.
Understand the different inclusion mindsets of your organisation.
Define a learning and development agenda to increase retention, engagement and innovation.
Guaranteed confidentiality with minimum reporting requirements.
Add and remove employees on the go for real time dashboard data.
Learn what is working over time.

How does it work?

Assess your employees to improve retention, workplace wellbeing and inclusion competences

Add your team members

Easily add your employees on our platform. You can add them as you go.

Invite employees to participate

Each employee will get an individual report based on the inclusion assessment answers.

The results of the assessment are fully confidential and private.

Get live insights

Visualize your organization's strengths and gaps in the dashboard as new and updated answers come in.

Capture demographics of your organization and its inclusion competences profile.

Add your employees

Easily upload your employees to the platform.

Start the assessment

Invite your team to complete the assessment.

Get the insights

Visualize your organization's strengths and gaps in the dashboard.

Employee profile

Individual employee profile insights to provide self knowledge and reflection to each employee.

Individuals can see how their profile evolves over time and explore new development opportunities through carefully curated resources.

Software and security
Self serviced SaaS platform
Encrypts data on storage and on transmission
Scale from dozens of employees to thousands
GDPR Compliant
Anonymized individual answers
Full individual confidentiality

Scientific framework

Relies on a proved scientific framework validated from organizations from different industries and sizes from around the world

Three inclusion categories:
Inclusion beliefs
Ability to vocalize

Pricing plans

Small team

What you'll get
Up to 50 employees
Live DEI dashboard
5 fixed demographics
Admin console
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You'll only be charged after the 14-day trial.

Medium business

What you'll get
Up to 250 employees
Live DEI dashboard
5 fixed demographics
Admin console
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You'll only be charged after the 14-day trial.


What you'll get
Unlimited employees
Analytics and insights
Custom demographics
Project support
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What they are saying about us

See how our clients are leveraging the insights from the Pulsely DEI dashboard

Ren Gaffney

General Counsel at Convergent
"The Pulsely platform has been extremely helpful in understanding our team and their needs in a responsible way that protects their confidentiality and ensures data we can rely on to design interventions."

Mike O'Malley

SVP Government & PR at DCLI
"When our company launched its DE&I effort, we knew we needed comprehensive data to help guide our decision-making."

Dr. Linda G. Wiley

CEO at Turning Point Leadership Group
"In my 20+ years in the industry, I have explored several assessments and Pulsely is the one that I felt most closely aligns with the concept of inclusion I believe in."