Pulsely Partners to Advance Diversity in the Tech Sector

Pulsely is a proud signatory of Tech Talent Charter joining a number of organisations from different industries, including many tech leaders.

Pulsely has signed up to the Tech Talent Charter (TTC) to drive diversity and inclusion in the tech space.

The TTC is a non-profit organisation sponsored by the UK Government which aims to address the inequality issue in the tech sector and drive diversity and inclusion in a practical and measurable way. The TTC works with companies across the UK to promote gender balance in tech roles.

By signing up, Pulsely joins a number of other organisations from different industries, including some of the biggest tech leaders such as Cisco, Dell and Sky.

Pulsely is a Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) analytics solution that helps companies deliver business performance through powerful D&I insights. Pulsely solutions are framed by a research-based framework that captures and processes data to identify specific barriers limiting D&I progress. The actionable insights produced by Pulsely can be used by D&I directors to build action plans, monitor progress and measure the impact of D&I initiatives in their organisations.

“As a software company committed to D&I, we believe this is a collective effort and have, since our inception, built upon the power of collective intelligence to solve organizations’ most challenging problems. By signing up to the charter we are eager to work together with other organisations across the UK to improve the status of D&I in the tech industry.“ says Pedro Costa, Co-founder and CEO of Pulsely.

“Pulsely is a proud signatory of Tech Talent Charter because we believe the commitments they require will lead to meaningful change. The combination of visible leadership, D&I data analytics, and evidence-based action plans will lead to more inclusive workplaces that provide equitable opportunities for underrepresented talent in tech.” Pedro added.

Talent Tech Charter (TTC) CEO Debbie Forster said: ''The importance of greater inclusion and diversity in tech is, thankfully, no longer up for debate. Sectors and organisations now need to work together to shift the dial. One single company can’t do it alone, which is why we’re asking organisations to sign up to the Tech Talent Charter and join the movement (now approximately 500 Signatories)."

In addition to pledging support, many of TTC’s signatories share their best practices in the TTC Open Playbook. Pulsely’s Co-Founder, Betsy Bagley, participated as a subject matter expert in TTC’s recent hackathon. She led a team of experts that built a roadmap for developing a Data-Driven Diversity & Inclusion Strategy which you can access here.

To learn more about the Tech Talent Charter and how to become a signatory, check: https://techtalentcharter.co.uk/

For more information about how Pulsely is harnessing the power of technology help companies progress toward their D&I goals, check: https://pulsely.io/

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