March - 2022

We can't start our March newsletter without talking about International Women's Day. This year, let's make it a powerful advocacy tool to educate our teams on issues of concern, to mobilize leadership will and gather organizational resources to address the main challenges women still face in the workplace. But let's not forget to celebrate and reinforce our achievements. Every small step matters.
Here are some resources to get you started:


In February, we celebrated Black History Month, Hubspot curated a playlist of podcast episodes on Spotify highlighting Black professionals and entrepreneurs.

In the same topic, this report from Catalyst highlights the Impact of Structural Racism on Black Americans.

In a world where we see the great resignation taking place, some employers are offering on-site childcare to lure parents back to the workplace.

Talking about talent, for those working with tech, this is how you hire and retain a diverse engineering team.

And let's not forget about the singles. Here we talk about the often overlooked importance of relationship status on inclusion.


Understanding the importance of data-driven DEI strategy and key metrics (Article)

Creating real change in diversity, equity and inclusion comes down to how well you identify and understand the problems in the cultural ecosystem of your organization. This is where data plays a crucial role.

The principles of inclusive leadership (Article)

Becoming an inclusive leader is not a quality that is fixed or strictly inherent, but something that can be assessed, measured, coached and developed.

How to inspire allyship and engage the bystanders in your team (Article)

When everyone is operating from a bystander mindset at the same time, nobody takes responsibility. Understanding what conditions are inhibiting allyship is the first step to remove barriers.

Leading Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Guide for Systemic Change in Multinational Organizations (Book)

Rohini Anand writes about five proven principles for multinational companies to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion with a nuanced understanding of local contexts across countries and cultures.