July - 2022

And just like that, the first half of 2022 is over and amid economic uncertainties, political controversies, a global health crisis and wars, it's no surprise that our mental health is suffering. Burnout is real, and it affects some groups more than others.

Mental health is intersectional, since dimensions such as ethnicity and gender shape an individual’s experience, and therefore, an emerging DEI issue. As a DEI leader, take a proactive and preventive approach offering your employees the tools and strategies to navigate workplace mental health to create a mentally healthy culture.


In the aftermath of one of the most controversial Supreme Court decisions in American history, this is how major employers are responding.

Pride Month is over, and if your organization hasn't started the conversation about gender identity and sexuality, here is a reason why you should be doing it.

While progress in DEI undoubtedly brings business benefits, organizations need to be careful when “making the business case for DEI”.

The recent news about “fake interviews” at Wells Fargo is a clear example of unintended consequences of DEI goals without both process and outcome metrics.

Despite the collective effort towards gender equality, women still tend to receive lower ‘potential scores’ compared to men even when they score better on performance ratings.


The Myths and Rituals of Inclusion (Video)

Lori Nishiura Mackenzie, Lead Strategist of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, speaks on the common beliefs on what work is, how it shapes our behaviors, and how these work myths can lead to deterring inclusivity in workplaces.

DEI Analytics - Where to Start (Article)

Implementing a DEI assessment is not about collecting all the data you can get your hands on: it's about getting the right data, reading that data for precise insights and then knowing how to act on those insights. With bespoke DEI analytics, you can investigate the state of DEI in your organization to formulate and prioritize your action plan.

Breaking The Glass Ceiling Through Visible DEI Leadership (Article)

Diversity in senior and C-suite leadership helps to create a culture where more people in the organization can envision their potential trajectories, feel supported, be able to fully contribute and feel free to be themselves. When DEI leadership is weak at the executive level, there’s no backbone to DEI efforts throughout the organization.

Bias in Hiring: Why Does It Matter And How To Tackle It (Part 1, Part 2)

How you feel about having unconscious bias does not put into question whether you have it. Even if you work on your conscious mindset, unconscious mental shortcuts and split-second decisions prevail - especially in the recruiting process. In this article we discuss the consequences of bias in hiring and how to tackle it.