December - 2022

It's that time of the year when we evaluate the past 12 months and define our priorities for the year that's about to start. This is an opportunity to reflect on the diversity, equity, and inclusion goals of our organizations and to articulate and highlight current work we are doing to foster an environment of greater inclusion to build a more equitable workplace. The journey doesn't end here. It's time to move forward.


Is your organization facing the "December Dilemma"? This is how you celebrate the holidays in the spirit of inclusion.

Caregivers are the fastest growing workplace identity group, and they make up around 73% of the workforce. These are 5 things employers get wrong about them.

New research from S&P Global show that women CEOs are more likely to use language related to diversity, empathy, adaptability, and transformation.

But new data from The Reykjavik Index for Leadership showed trust in women leaders has fallen markedly throughout the past year.

75% of white-collar workers believe their company’s commitment to DEI is authentic. This is one of the findings in the latest EY US Generation Survey


Does your Organization Provide Enough Career Support? (Article)

Career advancement depends a lot on who you know and affinity bias plays an important role. No matter what career path an individual may want to take, there are several more ways your organization can support more inclusive career advancement.

Inclusive Recruitment - The Secret to Attracting and Hiring Diverse Employees (Article)

Acquiring talent from diverse pools requires both widening how you source your candidate pool and focusing precisely towards overlooked spaces. The secret to inclusive recruitment is being real and consistent in your signals of inclusion to diverse talent.

6 Key Elements of a Psychologically Safe Workplace (Article)

Without psychological safety, individuals focus on “impression management” and can’t show up wholly, using their voice and daring their perspectives. When companies crack psychological safety, they liberate their employees to be effective and focus on their contribution to the organizational vision.

Want to Improve Employee Retention? Start with Inclusion. (Article)

One in five workers planned to quit their jobs this year. Job fulfillment and the ability to be one’s self at work are two of the main reasons why people consider changing jobs. While inclusion does not guarantee job satisfaction, it is a prerequisite. So if you want to increase retention among your workforce, start with inclusion.