For new customers

Why do companies need D&I Analytics?
What can Pulsely do, that my internal analytics department can’t do?
What kind of data do you use?
What is your GDPR policy?
Are surveys anonymous?
What services and consulting do you offer?
What D&I metrics do you measure?
What is the Guided Best Practices Library?
Do you benchmark company data with industry or geographic data?
How does Pulsely ensure employee participation on surveys?
What kind of companies benefit from Pulsely?
How is Pulsely different from an engagement survey?
How is Pulsely different from other providers?

For D&I and HR managers

What communications should support this program?
Can I change the diversity dimensions?
Does Pulsely have questions designed to inquire about political affiliation or religion?
Can I add customised questions?
How come "I choose not to answer" is not listed as a default choice for demographics?
How is data aggregated in Pulsely?
Why is some data not displayed on my dashboard?
Who has access to the dashboard?
Can I look at the data by region or business level?
How is the inclusion score calculated?

For survey Participants

This survey asks about some sensitive information - is it anonymous?
What if I leave the page without answering all the questions, will they be saved for when I come back?
If my identity is private, how do I get sent reminders to complete the survey?
Can I edit my answers if I change my mind?
When will our management see the answers I give?
Why do I sometimes get the same question again?
If I'm the only person that fits under a certain demographic, how will my answers be kept anonymous?
How will my response, even if it's not identifiable, be used?
How were these questions developed?
What if I don’t know how to answer one of the questions?
I care about Diversity and Inclusion - how can I help my organization move forward?