Pulsely Sessions: Organizational Change Through Inclusion Competencies Assessment

Tue, Sep 20th, 2022
09:00-10:00 (EDT)

Many organizations want to build a more inclusive workplace but are uncertain how to ensure organizational change that brings people together rather than furthering divisions, resistance, or backlash.

Real change towards more inclusive workplaces occurs when we focus not only on programs and policies, but also on the day-to-day interactions of individuals. In this live event we will discuss how Pulsely’s Inclusion Competencies Assessment enables organizations to bring everyone together to constructively engage in a commitment to a more inclusive culture.

The goal is to validate that each person’s perspective makes sense based on their own life experiences; when we meet people where they are we can create curiosity and invite them on the inclusion journey. By mapping the prevalence of different inclusion mindsets across different segments such as department, level or geography, DEI and HR leaders can identify strengths and areas for improvement from both organizational and individual perspectives.

Michelle Colacurto and Raymond Chan were part of the discussion, sharing their experiences working with Pulsely to assess inclusion competencies at Atalaya, an investment management company based in New York.

In this session we discussed:

  • What an inclusive mindset is and how it evolves over time
  • The Pulsely framework for measuring inclusion competencies
  • A case study of the inclusion competencies assessment in practice at Atalaya, its impact in the organization and team feedback
Guest Speakers

Michelle Colacurto is the Chief Administrative Officer at Atalaya and manages various day-to-day operations at the firm. In addition, she is responsible for managing the operations and financial reporting function of the management company and its various affiliates.

Raymond Chan is a Partner at Atalaya and is responsible for the firm’s investing in Financial Assets. Prior to joining Atalaya, Ray was a Partner and Co-Founder of TTM Capital, LLC, an investment firm focused on acquiring and lending against portfolios of financial and other assets.


Betsy Bagley is Pulsely's Co-founder and DEI Director. She has over 30 years experience in data collection and strategy development. Betsy’s expertise is examining patterns in data to reveal opportunities for action and shed light on the differential experiences among demographic groups that often go unidentified in standard employee surveys.

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