Pulsely Sesions: Driving ESG Progress Through DEI

Wed, June 22nd, 2022
16:00-17:00 (CEST)

In this live event we discussed how organizations can manage relationships with their workforce and the communities in which they operate in a world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), and how they can advance the "S" of their ESG strategy by focusing on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

During the event, we discussed:

  •  How are organizations prioritizing DEI in their ESG efforts?
  • What are the most important DEI metrics that should be part of ESG reports?
  • How to successfully integrate DEI initiatives as part of the ESG strategy?
Guest Speakers

Silke Heinrichs is a DEI thought leader and Global Diversity and Inclusion Partner at Roche. A truly "glocal" citizen, she is a firm believer in inclusive growth, where all individuals bring their whole self to work and succeed for the benefit of all.

Manfred Wondrak is the Managing Director at factor-D, a leading management consultancy and training agency that focus on Diversity and Inclusion, Unconscious Biases and Inclusive Leadership in German-speaking countries.


Betsy Bagley is Pulsely's Co-founder and DEI Director. She has over 30 years experience in data collection and strategy development. Betsy’s expertise is examining patterns in data to reveal opportunities for action and shed light on the differential experiences among demographic groups that often go unidentified in standard employee surveys.

Pedro do Carmo Costa is one of the co-founders and CEO of Pulsely. He has several years driving business innovation and leveraging the power of collective intelligence. He is passionate about bringing science to D&I and liaising it with business performance.

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