DEI Maturity Assessment

Evaluate your DEI organizational structure and relevant policies and practices across the full spectrum from compliance to leading edge practices.
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ESG/Legal Diversity and Equity Assessment
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Measure your organization’s current status of DEI by analyzing 4 dimensions:

DEI Essentials | Workforce | Workplace | World

The final score is used to evaluate the level of maturity of the DEI program in the organization and helps you identify the focus areas for your DEI strategy to optimize your efforts for maximum positive change.

Evaluate your company's structures, processes, policies, and programs

It can be overwhelming to know where to focus next as you build your DEI program with limited resources. Implement new initiatives in a deliberate and manageable way.

The checklist covers DEI Essentials, your Workplace (policies, processes, and practices), your Workforce (programs and processes) and the external World (ESG and brand/reputation). You will receive a separate score for each specific area and a listing of the next steps to prioritise.

As a result, you can reinforce strengths, identify quick wins, highlight organisational gaps and recommend next steps to grow your program.

Diversity & Inclusion Diagnostic

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