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Traditionalists, like everyone else,  want a workplace that is respectful and where they can be comfortable just being themselves.


You have a strong sense of fair play. No doubt you are facing your own challenges in navigating your career - getting interesting development opportunities, recognition, and visibility. In fact, interventions for specific groups can almost feel like reverse discrimination.

Business Focused

Traditionalists generally believe the sole focus should be on getting the best business outcome in the most efficient manner. Celebrating individual differences may seem irrelevant to the workplace and incorporating the views of various people (seemingly just because they look different) really just slows things down.


Traditionalists tend to believe the system is a meritocracy - that it works fairly to recognise the most talented employees who are willing to work hard. As a result, there appears to be no need to change the way work gets done and is rewarded in your company. Diversity and inclusion (D&I) seems to be a distraction from the business at hand or a replacement for meritocracy.

Areas for Growth...

Everyone wants a system that is fair.  The challenge is not with the concept of meritocracy but rather with a lack of evidence to evaluate whether it actually exists in an individual workplace.

If the goal is to build a level playing field, it is important to understand the patterns of career experiences, opportunities and outcomes to consider where action makes sense. Objective external data indicate that the playing field is not level; this research reveals patterns of inclusion and exclusion that impact some groups to a larger degree.

We all face career challenges but there are additional barriers that can make it more challenging for some groups of people to be on equal footing. D&I initiatives are not an “extra” boost for the less qualified but about adjustments that need to be made in order to ensure fairness and equal opportunity in the workplace.

Diversity & Inclusion Scientific Framework

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The Connector believes that, despite everyone’s best intent, there may be patterns of opportunity and advancement that don’t appear fair.

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The Observer notices that some individuals are not moving up in a way that cannot be explained by merit alone.

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The Traditionalist believes the workplace is a meritocracy where everyone has an equal chance to advance and obtain rewards based on their individual merits and efforts.

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The Advocate is motivated to change the system to ensure equitable outcomes.

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