Build your Project Plan

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You have a lot on your plate already and you turned to Pulsely for a simplified solution. The implementation of Pulsely is straightforward but will require support from your team internally. We have built this project plan to help you anticipate what resources are needed on your end and to enable you to keep track of the tasks required each week to manage your timeline.

The project plan includes the steps necessary to move from the preparation phase to taking action on your baseline survey insights.

After reviewing those initial insights and developing the plan, Pulsely continues to support your ongoing progress with a dashboard, pulse surveys, and integrations with your other data sources as you develop a deeper understanding of how inclusion can improve your company’s business performance and what is getting in the way.

Approaches to a Pulsely project can vary in breadth and depth - from a company that wants a quick survey launch to identify gaps and prioritize next steps to companies that want to bring global leaders on board, establish a D&I governance structure, and develop a strategic plan with regional variations. Some companies may even choose to engage D&I  consultants to support their project.

Regardless of your approach, we want to make sure you have the tools and resources you need from us.

Communicate timing within your organisation

Most leaders want to know when they can begin to see results. Unfortunately there is not a straightforward answer. The minimum timeline to begin to see results in the organization is 5-6 months.

Here are four time frames you can offer and the factors that influence them.

Getting to Launch

Once the project has been approved, it will take about 2-4 weeks before your survey is

deployed to your employees. This timing depends on whether you:

  • Establish an internal project team with involvement across the business lines, communications, legal, etc.;
  • Involve your leaders and incorporate their hypotheses into your data collection design;
  • Encounter any hurdles from legal, communications, IT, etc.

Getting to Insight

Once you launch your Pulsely program, the overall timeline to getting actionable insights is about 2-4 weeks. This depends on whether:

  • You need to extend your survey deployment to increase response rates;
  • Your data is free from errors and is ready to be analyzed or needs “cleaning” (e.g., multiple responses from a single IP address should be investigated);
  • You clearly stated your hypotheses to test and anticipated your data needs correctly for generating key insights.

Getting to Action

The timeline for getting to action depends on your organisation’s ability to translate those insights into a plan of action. We will give you tools, templates, and best practices that enable you to establish your goals, identify your areas of focus, ensure ownership and accountability, develop your strategy, and implement your program. This can take another 2-4 months from insight. The factors that influence this step are whether:

  • You are meeting with your leadership team to review insights, prioritise areas of focus and agree on goals. If this is the case, plan for this meeting early in the project and get on the leaders' calendar. If you wait until after you have the results to plan a meeting, it may take some time to find a date.
  • Your legal team needs to be involved in the review of results and determining who sees what.
  • You are developing a D&I strategy or identifying initial steps for an action plan. While a strategy is more carefully thought out and aligns with organizational priorities, it also takes more time to build out implementation plans, accountability and resourcing.
  • You need to incorporate change management into your strategy.
  • You need to engage outside vendors or resources.
  • You need multiple layers of approval.
  • You have the resources necessary to support your plan.

Getting to Results

Your Pulsely dashboard will help you track your progress towards D&I goals within 2 months after action. You can begin to see the impact of your efforts using pulse surveys of employees focused on your key actions and challenge areas.. It can take longer to see the impact of your initiatives reflected in your workforce data. The factors influencing this step are:

  • The commitment and championship of leaders
  • The level of accountability built into the solution.
  • The types of solutions introduced and the cycles they are intended to influence. For example, retention could improve within months but career development challenges and promotion cycles take longer to show impact.

Build a detailed project plan with tasks and timing

Pulsely provides step by step Implementation Guides to support you through the process, which are linked below.  Depending on your needs or familiarity with spreadsheets, you can build your project plan with 1) the outlined steps below or 2) you may choose to use our Excel spreadsheet template for greater precision and a visual representation of tasks and timing through the project. 

Outline of Phases and Key Actions

(Roles are responsibilities are listed in the 10-Step Overview)

  1. Phase I: Collect Data
  1. Preparation: 1-4 weeks
  1. Address GDPR concerns;
  2. Get buy-in from senior management;
  3. Launch your project internally at a Getting Started Meeting with key stakeholders;
  4. Build your Project Timeline and assign responsibility;
  5. Build a communications plan;
  6. Finalize data  decisions (geographic cuts, demographics, etc);
  7. Get Pulsely dashboard guidance;
  8. Send out survey announcements based on Step 4 Templates;
  9. Pre-test Survey.
  1. Deploy Survey: 2 weeks
  1. Implement survey;
  2. Monitor Response rate and send out additional communications, as needed.
  1. Uncover Insights: 3-6 weeks
  1. Review initial results;
  2. Meet with Pulsely to discuss data within your organisational context;
  3. Receive final report on actionable insights;
  4. Facilitate a leadership discussion to identify goals, priorities and accountability.
  1. Take Action: 4-10 weeks
  1. Build your Action Plan using the Best Practices Library to identify key actions;
  2. Ensure an infrastructure or accountability to own the strategy with metrics of success;
  3. Communicate results and plan to organisation;
  4. Monitor implementation and progress using Pulsely’s pulse surveys aligned with your key metrics.
  1. Refine: ongoing
  1. Continue your journey toward greater inclusion with another iteration of collect, uncover, and act with another full survey, relevant subsets of the original survey, pulse surveys, or incorporating other internal data sources such as HR workforce data or relevant business metrics.

Project Plan Gantt Chart: Excel Spreadsheet Template

The Pulsely team has developed an Excel spreadsheet template of a comprehensive project plan using a Gantt chart to visually display the tasks by day and week. If this approach is helpful for you, please ask your Pulsely Advisor to send you the template and follow the steps described on the first worksheet.