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Pulsely offers detailed implementation guides as well as templates you will need during your project. Please see the relevant implementation guide for each step of the way. All supporting documents and templates for those guides are linked directly within this portal.
Take a look at the Communications Templates, in particular. This is often the most overwhelming piece and we have taken the pain away. You don’t have to worry about which communications are needed or how to structure the messages; the guide will walk you through the process and provides templates for each communication needed, step-by-step.



Get Leadership on Board

Getting your senior leaders involved with the Pulsely project is critical for success. Even if you don't require senior leader approval to launch Pulsely, executive championship is necessary for the organization to prioritize this project and the resulting action plan.



Host your Internal Launch Meeting

In addition to engaging your leadership team, you will want to engage stakeholders from across your organization. This level of involvement is critical for broader change management as well as building support more broadly across the company. In essence, you are trying to create a steering committee for this project but also to build momentum for your DEI actions that result.



Build your Project Plan

You have a lot on your plate already and you turned to Pulsely for a simplified solution. The implementation of Pulsely is straightforward but will require support from your team internally. We have built this project plan to help you anticipate what resources are needed on your end and to enable you to keep track of the tasks required each week to manage your timeline.



Data Decisions

In this step, we ask that you and your internal team discuss what you hope to determine with this survey and whether the open-end and demographic questions included will provide the insights you need.

Template for Leadership Discussion

Feel free to use this template for your Leadership Discussion

Template for Internal Launch Meeting

Fell free to use this template for your Internal Launch Meeting

Email to Line Managers

From the Top (CEO/Executives)

To Full Organization

From the Top (CEO/Executives)

Survey Announcement

From Project Owner within client organization: DEI/HR Manager

Invitation with Survey Link

From Employer

First Reminder

From Employer to all employees regardless of response/non-response

During Survey (If needed)

From Business Line Leader (if necessary to increase engagement and participation) to Department/Team

Final Reminder

From Employer to all employees regardless of response/non-response

Post-Survey "Thank You" Message

From Employer

Highlight of Results

From Employer to all Staff

Communicate Strategy and Accountability

From Employer to all Staff

First Reminder from Pulsely

From Pulsely

Final Reminder from Pulsely

From Pulsely